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Game Programming & Design

Game Programming with Unity and C#

This course utilizes the C# programming language within the Unity game engine to help students learn game programming. Students will initiate the development of a variety of games by writing C# scripts to enable desired game features, object and character behaviors, and game mechanics. Students will then use a collection of custom tutorials to expand on and publish one of their games.

Taking the Game Design with Unity course after this course is encouraged but not required.

Game Design with Unity and C#

This course utilizes the Unity game engine to help students learn game design and development. Students will build 2D and 3D worlds and utilize C# scripts to create desired game mechanics. Students will learn more in depth in their chosen specialization (art, animation, programming, audio production, etc.) before joining a team where they will put those skills to use. Teams will create a game using a collection of custom tutorials provided with each of the base game templates provided. Students will publish their games, use collaboration software, and have the option to continue working with their development team after the course is complete.

Taking the Game Programming with Unity and C# course prior to this course is encouraged, especially for students who might want to take on the role of Game Programmer in their development team.

3D Game Design with Unreal

Interested in the exciting world of 3D computer game design and creation? Your journey begins here! In this introductory course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of game design, rules, and game mechanics, and will be encouraged to work in an interactive environment with other students who have similar interests and experience.

You’ll build on your own game ideas and get an insider’s look at the computer game design industry, with hands-on experience using the powerful game creation software Unreal Engine. You will learn to design complex levels and worlds, learn the basics of programming for games, and learn innovative game play scenarios. You’ll build original terrain, customize characters, create lighting and shadows effects, and explore a variety of other 3D game assets.