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Valeria S.

Alumna, NYLF Explore STEM 2014
Alumna, NYLF Engineering & Technology 2015

"I will forever be grateful for giving me this wonderful and mind blowing opportunity. Thank you, not only for the opportunity to share my videos but also for giving this educational opportunity to teenagers and young adults like me."

Valeria, a sophomore in high school where her favorite subjects are math and science, hails from Mission, Texas. Some of the things she likes to do for fun is hanging out with friends or going to see a movie. Valeria credits her prior attendance at NYLF Explore STEM as her light switch moment in having a clear understanding of what career path she wanted to study. While attending NYLF Engineering & Technology in Atlanta, Val served as our on-site vlog reporter. She did an amazing job documenting her daily experiences, sharing how fascinating the engineering world truly is. You can view some of her videos in our blog.

Q&A with Valeria