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Art, Modeling & Animation for 3D Games Track 

Art, Modeling, & Animation for 3D Games

3D modeling and animation allows aspiring young artists to create characters and bring them to life in video games. All of the great 3D game characters you know, and love are made with the process we learn in this 2-week course. You’ll start your journey by learning the fundamentals of creating 3D props and characters. You’ll also be introduced to texturing basics, UVing, rigging, and the principles of animation. Every great character needs a game. You’ll learn how to integrate your art into the Unity 3D game engine and hookup some basic gameplay. This course is a prerequisite for Art, Modeling, & Animation Track Week 2.

Example talks and experiences: Life as Game Artist, Careers in the Serious Game Industry, The Digital Art and Animator Entrepreneur, The Management of a Game Art Team, Inside the Mind of an Art Director.