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Program Highlights

All NYLF Pathways to STEM students will have the chance to fuel their creativity and academic success with practical achievements that will help them stand out in their school and community. They will develop skills in self-management, social awareness, relationship building, responsible decision-making, and goal setting as well as gain a better understanding of their own strengths and interests. Students will come away from the program with a clear view of their pathway toward a lifetime of rewarding work and studies in addition to increased self-confidence, self-awareness, and independence.

Engineering Pathway

Students test their mBot robot in the Engineering pathway at NYLF Pathways to STEM

Students put their team building and communication skills to work as they undertake hands-on design challenges. With the help of the VEX robot, these budding engineers will gain an understanding of the principles that support the engineering design process and then use their newly acquired skills to build a robot and program it to perform several advanced tasks.

Medicine Pathway

Students examine a heart on the Medicine pathway at NYLF Pathways to STEM

As prospective medical interns, students embark on a fascinating journey into the most complex of machines—the human body. Students will examine and study systems within the human anatomy, with a focus on the heart. Students will even participate in a dissection!

CSI Pathway

Students work together on the CSI pathway at NYLF Pathways to STEM

Young detectives will use their problem-solving skills as they probe the world of forensic science by attempting to crack a case. Using the building blocks of forensic science, such as fingerprint analysis, deductive reasoning, and case development, students will work together to uncover critical clues as they seek to identify the guilty party. Students must work diligently during the session, applying their newly acquired skills to the case at hand.

STEM Challenges

Students participate in a STEM challenge at NYLF Pathways to STEM

Students participate in a multi-day, hands-on challenges designed to help strengthen their understanding of each STEM strand and enhance their collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Students will be challenged to work in a small group to build an amusement park ride complete with its own motor circuit! 

Please note: We are currently evaluating all aspects of NYLF Pathways to STEM and may make changes to the curriculum or site visits to ensure the program meets the most up-to-date health and safety standards.