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Nosiphiwo M.

Alumna, ISLP Business & Entrepreneurship 2013
Member, Golden Key International Honour Society
Tourism Management Major, University of Pretoria

"My experience was life-changing. It’s unbelievable how a person can grow in such a short amount of time."

Q&A with Nosiphiwo

  • What would you tell a student who is considering attending an Envision Global Forum in the future?

    Enroll. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’ll learn so much about yourself, about the world around you and how to further yourself in a career path you are interested in. You will meet people of different ages and from different cultures and countries. It’s hard to describe unless you've experienced it. It’s one of those amazing things. So just do it!

  • What was your most memorable moment at program?

    I had so many great moments, but I think visiting the World Bank was the most memorable.

  • Tell us about your experience.

    My Envision Global Forum (formerly International Scholar Laureate Program) experience was unforgettable. It was not only the excitement of visiting another country, but I gained a whole new perspective about the world in general. I discovered what it is to be a leader and gained necessary skills like communicating, making critical decisions, setting goals and networking with people across different industries and culture (some of the people I met during the delegation will be lifelong friends). I have discovered that the world is full of so many opportunities and I should reach out and get them. I am more driven, focus and have more confidence in myself and my abilities. The few things I’ve mentioned above do not begin to sum up my experience. It was so much more. I will be forever grateful.