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Dawson W.

Alumnus, NYLF Explore STEM 2014

“It was exciting to learn about my potential and how to fulfill it.”

Dawson is currently in middle school and plans to attend West Point Military Academy in order to serve in the military as an officer. In order to achieve the honor to attend West Point Military Academy, he strives towards excellence in everything he does, including skiing, soccer, cross country running, and as a Boy Scout! He enjoys world history, geography, and other social studies branches, such as government!

Q&A with Dawson

  • Why did you want to attend NYLF Explore STEM?
    I wanted to attend NYLF Explore STEM, mostly to enhance my influence on the planet. Being somewhat unsure about my plans for my life, I thought the program would help me see my path! It was exciting to learn about my potential and how to fulfill it.
  • What’s your favorite memory from NYLF Explore STEM?
    My favorite memory of NYLF Explore STEM was probably meeting people from all around the nation. I was delighted to listen to people talk about their regions and how their culture was in that region. We talked about accents, politics, and other fun topics! It’s always good to learn about how cultures interact, and how they are different.
  • What was the most valuable thing you learned from NYLF Explore STEM?
    The most valuable thing I learned at NYLF Explore STEM was what potential we all had. As expected, NYLF Explore STEM helped pave the way for me in career choices. A chart helped us decided what we were proficient in. I wasn’t the most artistic person, but I knew how to keep a business running. It helped me with choosing my best options.
  • Did you learn any skills at NYLF Explore STEM that you use in everyday life?
    What NYLF Explore STEM provided is useful in everyday life! In Boy Scouts, we are required to do many things that require First Aid. NYLF Explore STEM taught me to treat the person in the worst condition, THEN proceed to the better conditions until I’m finished. This helped me in many of my badge classes, earning more points. STEM knowledge can benefit in many other activities in life!
  • What was your favorite portion of NYLF Explore STEM and why?
    My favorite part of NYLF Explore STEM was definitely the simulation where we were given a job for a city in complete chaos. It was enjoyable interacting with others on how to solve the problems in the city. It really showed how efficient I could be! I liked the pressure. As the city fell deeper into anarchy, we had to put our heads together to make a sound solution. We spent every minute pondering on the best decision!
  • Do you feel that NYLF Explore STEM helped you understand the career options available in the fields of STEM?
    As I said before, NYLF Explore STEM really helped with my career choices. With many trials, the experience provided a straighter and clearer path for me, and has shown me how my life can work. I am excited that I now know what goals I have, so I can go ahead and begin working to achieve them!
  • What would you tell another student who have the chance to come to a program like this?
    I would advise a student to take the opportunity to go to NYLF Explore STEM if they are given the honor to attend. They will surely not be disappointed, that I assure you! They will be shown their potential with different interactions and skill points. It will enhance your ability to the maximum capacity!