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Reina M.

Alumna, NYLF Explore STEM 2014

"I feel that NYLF Explore STEM helped to prepare me for a career in medicine by exposing me to the different fields and challenges ahead. This knowledge will help me prepare myself physically and mentally for this great leap to college.”

Reina hails from Honolulu, Hawaii and aspires to become an orthopedic surgeon. She stays involved in her community by volunteering at a local bookstore and keeping the beaches beautiful with her swim team.

Q&A with Reina

  • What was the highlight of your NYLF Explore STEM experience?
    The highlight was being able to meet different people my age who were interested in many of the same things that I was. I enjoyed learning about different cultures, lifestyles and religions of the kids who were there. I mostly enjoyed getting to see Chicago and go to someplace very different than my home. It really showed me that there is more to the world than my home and that there are so many different things that I can see, do and participate in.
  • Can you tell me how you believe that NYLF Explore STEM will help prepare you for a career in medicine, specifically Orthopedics?
    I feel that NYLF Explore STEM helped me prepare for a career in medicine, because it exposed me to many different topics in medicine and all of the different things that I can do during college. It also helped me understand the difficulties and satisfactions of college and what to expect. This knowledge will help me prepare myself physically and mentally for this great leap to college and it really inspired me to do my best in anything that I do.
  • What was the most important/interesting thing that you learned while attending?
    The overall experience of living in a college dorm exposed me to the different struggles and fun of living with another person, and how to be responsible enough to be on time. It also taught me to become independent and know what to do without someone having to tell me.
  • How was attending the program different than learning in a traditional classroom?
    Not only did we learn things, we got to do a ton of hands-on activities that went along with the lesson. This was really interesting and I felt that it helped me to understand what we were trying to learn rather than reading it out of a textbook. Also, we got to meet real people who spoke to us about the different career paths we can take. This was very helpful because it gave me needed information about college and what to do after it.
  • What would you tell other students who are interested in attending an Envision program?
    It is worth going to! You get to learn so much about college and possible plans for your future and you learn independence while living alone in the dorms. I enjoyed every minute of it and the long days are worth it all because it was so fun and exciting.
  • What inspires you as a young leader today?
    My teachers and parents are my inspirations. I look up to my teachers because they are giving me the information that will help me in the future. They set me up for what lies in front of me and teach me my useful leadership skills. My parents have always inspired me to do my best and strive high. One of my main goals in life is to become like them: have a steady job, support my family and have those leadership skills that have made me who I am today.